Since 1973

Together for
a result that is
solid as a brick

Jan, Louise and Frans Franck in 1997.

Jan, Louise and Frans Franck in 1997.

Three strong generations.

There is no denying that the Franck family is obsessed with bricks. Frans Franck founded his business in 1973, the main areas of expertise being the demolition of buildings and the recovery of bricks.
Today we, the second and third generation, are putting our shoulders to the wheel and have become a fixed value in the trade of unique roof tiles, new and reclaimed facing bricks. In addition, we are specialized in the 'limewashing-technique'.

Every day we continue to grow and build the future of our company. With the required professionalism and plenty of devotion, we make sure that every customer gets the service and convenience that he or she deserves. That is why we focus on high-quality products, proficient coordination and honest service.

Every project is a reference.

About us

End 2023 - new location

In 2023 Franck will blow out 50 candles and we will celebrate with a new location.
From Autumn 2023 you can visit us at 2580 Putte - Klein Boom 4.
Follow our building process on social media.

Lionel Devlieger and his daughter (Rotor), Jan and Louise Franck in 2020.

Lionel Devlieger and his daughter (Rotor), Jan and Louise Franck in 2020.

Team Franck wins an award.

Our team received the circubuild award for our pioneering work in circular construction.

An average brick weighs 1.5 kg. A quick calculation shows that Franck moves about 6,000 tons of bricks per year and thus keeps them in the cycle. The quality is better than that of new bricks, it is a top-quality product, according to Louise.
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About us

Franck Bricks contributes to France's circular building future

👏 A huge thank you to all the speakers and participants at this 1st regional day on reuse and recycling in the building.
đŸšâ™»ïž You were gathered with more than 120 people around this topic. A day rich in content, meetings and exchanges.

See you at the next edition to see developments in the field!

🙏Thanks to the RĂ©gion Hauts-de-France for welcoming us to this magnificent venue and to Lucien LUTHON for organising this day with Pierric JOURDAIN and with the precious help of Laury Ghillebaert ClĂ©ment de Larochelambert Anthony Vanoli.

Thanks to all the speakers:
Aurore COLSON @benoit Loison ADEME François HUMBERT Florence Godefroy Institut National de l'Économie Circulaire (INEC) François-Michel Lambert VALOBAT Rami Jabbour WICONA Antonin Cornu-Langy EtNISI EspĂ©rance FENZY Saint- Gobain MaĂŻtĂ© Ketterer @Franck Louise Franck RECUP'TRI Stephanie PIGNIER Luc FOULARD UPCYCLEA ChloĂ© Bosquillon ClĂ©mence Dubois Booster du RĂ©emploi ZĂ©lie PERRIN Nacarat Anthony PONTHIEUX EQIOM, A CRH Company Guillaume Cremoux Neo-Eco Guillaume Sigiez Allegaert

And to the press the D-Day presents:
Lemoniteur GroupeMoniteur Emmanuelle Lesquel Zepros Territorial Anne-Lise Favier

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