Since 1973

Collect your bricks in our containers
for recycling

Collection of bricks

Reclaimed Bricks

If you, as a private individual or contractor, carry out the demolition work for your project yourself, we will be happy to collect your facing bricks for recovery.

To ensure that your work runs efficiently, we place a container on your site and collect it again after the work. Important: this container is exclusively intended for facing bricks, so roof tiles, stone rubble or other waste may not be collected in it.

You must then place the stones separately in the container, as shown in the photo (no debris). Facing bricks from the chimney or foundations may not be placed in the container.

We ensure that the facing bricks are cleaned and counted. You will then receive compensation per usable and intact brick.

Collection of bricks

Delivered perfectly for recycling...

Collection of bricks

Please do not deliver materials this way...

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