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Your partner in demolition.

Renovation and demolition

Renovate with an accurate approach

We ensure that all preparatory works are completed so that the contractor can start his works starting from a clean sheet. This includes dismantling the building, installing poutrels , removing floors and ceilings, etc. In short: we take care of everything thoroughly with a view to a smooth renovation. During this process, we always take the environment into account and take the time to work dust-free and noise-free to minimize nuisance.

From reception rooms to a landscape office

From reception rooms to a landscape office in UZ Gasthuisberg Leuven.

  • Installing fabric walls and doors
  • Remove walls and doors
  • Remove ceilings
  • Remove floors
  • ...
Renovation and demolition

A team
to build on

We can offer this smooth and efficient procedure thanks to our experienced team . Throughout this entire process, we work together with accredited engineering firms and our project leader ensures good guidance and follow-up until the end of the works. In addition, all our crafters are trained and professionally trained to remove asbestos.

Renovation and demolition

Dismantling works with an eye for the circular economy

Franck is specialized in disassembling buildings . Dismantling a building must be handled meticulously and with expert knowledge. That is why we use a strict working method with the right expertise.
We disassemble buildings with a view to high-quality reuse of products, materials and raw materials.

Bron: Vlaanderen circulair: van lineair naar circulair

Circular materials

We offer the materials that are released during disassembly. At Franck, the principles of the circular economy are paramount. In essence, the point is that materials are reused as much as possible with a high value retention This reduces the environmental pressure, raw material scarcity and we save energy.
Contact us for more information about the materials

My home was completely dismantled by Franck and prepared for the renovation. All agreements were met, the support beams were placed on time and everything was neatly finished. I am very satisfied with the Franck team.

- Tess -
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